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Since 2012, Bondimed has successfully established itself in the distribution of high-tech medical products. In addition to a profound knowledge of the respective market and a strong network of international medical experts, Bondimed convinces with ef ficient know-how transfer to the user.
Excellent expertise, personal advice and a wide range of training courses ensure professional use for the benefit of all concerned.

The high Bondimed quality standard, however, already begins with the partnership-based
examination of the manufacturer cooperations. After all, convincing success can only be achieved with a consistent philosophy with regard to product and service! Bondimed owes not only its good reputation, which extends as far as the USA, to this careful approach, but also an outstanding position in the plastic surgery segment.

Ensuring quality in application as well


One of Bondimed’s particular strengths is the transfer of know-how to the target group of trained specialists. This takes place on several levels: For personal counselling and support, the staff is available both on site and by telephone – in emergencies even around the clock. In addition, Bondimed organises its own training programmes at the highest level and, if necessary, links users with speci fic problems to international specialists.

Doctors also benefit from the organisation of observation during operations (also as a live operation
with video transmission), sought-after courses with first-class speakers and much more. In this way,
Bondimed ensures the successful application of the respective product in the interest of the patients,
who are ultimately the focus of attention.

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Lightweight breast implants:

B-Lite® by POLYTECH Health and Aesthetics.

30% less weight for a carefree wearing sensation and a signi ficantly lower tissue load: The lightweight silicone implants of the B-Lite® series from the German quality manufacturer POLYTECH convince with unique technology from space travel, four different surface structures (from microtextured to smooth) and a wide range of shapes (projections) and dimensions.

Regular satisfaction analyses by surgeons and patients speak a clear language: both the aesthetic result and the low rate of re-operations are convincing!

Why B-Lite® sets new standards?

The most beautiful proof of performance:


We have been successfully working together with many of our partners since our foundation in 2012.

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