More than merely choosing an implant – your lightweight solution.

B-Lite® was developed to combine proven, clinically tested materials in an innovative manner through the use of groundbreaking technology in order to obtain a natural volume that feels good, is resilient and produces a considerably lighter implant that overcomes the limitations of conventional breast implants.

As soon as patients hold the B-Lite® implant in their hands during consultation, they understand intuitively the advantages that the lower B-Lite® weight provides.

B-Lite® implants are available in a series of shapes, sizes, and textures that cover a wide range of patient needs and preferences.

Lightness you can feel
The considerable decrease in weight is achieved through the company’s unique B-Lite® gel, a microsphere-strengthened, cohesive gel for medical implants. The microspheres are chemically inactive, ultrapure, microscopically small, hollow spheres of borosilicate that are often used in space flight technology as a lightweight yet robust solution. Microspheres are approved for a number of clinical applications.

The B-Lite® microspheres are permanently embedded in the surrounding cohesive (cross-linked) silicone gel. The special spatial arrangement and chemical binding of the microspheres to the gel network means that less silicone gel is required and the result is particularly high strength. Even in the unlikely event that an implant tears, the microspheres remain bound to the gel.

High weight leads to greater strain due to gravity and thereby to greater stretching of the breast and the surrounding tissue. This can lead to a slackening of the tissue and back and neck pain. Movement of the breast during activities can amplify this effect, can be very uncomfortable and can further increase the strain on breast tissue.

Less weight means less strain. It’s as simple as that.

The B-Lite® gel comprises tiny hollow spheres (microspheres) that are permanently embedded in standard silicone gel for medical implants and that reduce the weight of the implant. Microspheres are used in numerous applications. They are biocompatible and are used in medical products and cosmetics. (1) The microspheres are embedded in cohesive (cross-linked) gel and their binding to the gel persists even in the unlikely event of an implant tearing.

The B-Lite® gel uses technology from space flight to achieve considerable weight reduction. Microspheres are biocompatible and are used in many medical specialty areas such as urology, oncology, gastroenterology, and orthopaedics.

B-Lite® microspheres are microscopically small, hollow spheres that are very resilient and lightweight at the same time. The microspheres are biocompatible and very stable.

While the microspheres appear white and opaque in visible light, in mammography and in ultrasound they assure better image quality.